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Recommended Viewing: Found on YouTube! Newsy Tech Article
January 2016, Playtime 1m 24s
Most Want To Control Their Online Data,
But It's Easier Said Than Done - Newsy

Pandora's Box

Privacy is becoming a feature of only the super-rich or super-powerful. It takes an extra amount of effort to protect yourself and your data from 3rd party viewing. These concerns must become part of the Business Discussion. At some point in the near future your Privacy Policy may even be a deciding factor in closing a sale.

Few organizations have summed it up so well as this infographic from Newsy.com. WHY are we recommending this to you? Because it's PROOF that having integrity in your business policies and PROMOTING your effort to protect the privacy of your customers and vendors is a valuable branding position.

Recommended Viewing: Found on YouTube! TED Talk
May 2016, Playtime 21m 30s
The mind behind Linux | Linus Torvalds

Engineers Build, Visionaries Dream

ARGUABLY, Linus Torvalds has had the largest impact on you, me, and everyone you know over the last 25 years. All because he decided to release Linux as Open Source. Learn more about him, why he did it, and what makes an engineer different from a visionary. It's an important concept for you to understand.