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October 2019, Playtime 34m 17s
Ksenia Peguero | OWASP YouTube

How Solid Is Your Web Site?

Most websites are built upon a framework of CSS (supported by client-side JavaScript), server-side database driven dynamic content generation, a cacophony of middle-ware, a solid sugar-blasting of embedded widgets... this OWASP presentation describes a security analysis about one of the technologies which exposes end-users to the most risk.

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May 2018, Playtime 2m 55s
WSJ YouTube

GDPR: How Might It Affect You?

The year 2020 will be a scramble of compliance. Most notably the GDPR and CCPA which are EU and California laws affecting the rights of individuals to better control their privacy. When the GDPR was about to be passed most organizations in the world began to panic. Facebook and other large holders of personal protected information rushed to move all their data storage to non-EU data locations. But this is only the beginning. Protecting individuals rights to own their data is going to inspire change.


US Security Alerts

More from the source here: US-CERT