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As we at ITPDX go about our business day-to-day we come across videos that for one reason or another we have decided are relevant to the times or could be very useful to those we work with. As a service to you we've curated this gallery of videos as a service to you. Our apologies if the content comes with embedded advertisements. We've done our best but if it's too annoying you should be able to click a link to go full-screen or visit the broadcast streaming service directly.


Traditional Finnish Log House Building Process - YouTube
Recommended Viewing: John Neeman Tools Channel on YouTube
Posted: June 2013, Original Film Date Unknown, Playtime 25m
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Traditional Finnish Log House Building Process

Artisan Code

Our code is produced in small batches using locally-sourced artisans for well crafted results. Our early conversation will be about helping you decide if we are a good fit for your plans. We'll give you some free consultation on how you can achieve your goals in the first call. Even if we do not end up working together, we want to know we tried to help you succeed. It's the least we can do, since you're showing an interest in us.

This original documentary of Finnish traditional building techniques was actually very interesting and reflects how we approach every project. We see ourselves as craftsmen not just employees. While we have many of the more popular skills we know even more skills that most popular contractors do not.

What the Tech Industry Has Learned from Linus Torvalds: Jim Zemlin at TEDxConcordiaUPortland - YouTube
Recommended Viewing: Found on YouTube! TEDx Talk
April 2013, Playtime 18m
What the Tech Industry Has Learned from Linus Torvalds
"The future is a world in which you can enrich yourself while at the same time enriching others."

Culture Shock

You may be completely unaware of the cultural roots of how technology evolves today. This video exposes the mass effort behind the technology that keeps our society digital. The groundswell of the Open Source community is not coming... it's already here and you're reaping the benefits of it every time you use your smart phone.

Vint Cerf and the Internet of Shit - YouTube
Recommended Viewing: Found on YouTube! Motherboard Channel Article
December, 2015, Playtime 4m 44s
Vint Cerf and the Internet of Shit - Motherboard

The Full Potential

We always knew back in the early 90's that the Internet and the World Wide Web was going to shake up our lives in unexpected ways. With great potential comes great concern and this video from Motherboard says much on the subject.

This is really a quick interview with Vint Cerf one of the creators of the Internet and covers some of the challenges ahead. Everyone with an online presence of any kind needs to keep up on the shape of the Internet that will reach global potential by 2020.

Recommended Viewing: Found on YouTube! TED Talk
May 2016, Playtime 21m 30s
The mind behind Linux | Linus Torvalds

Engineers Build, Visionaries Dream

ARGUABLY, Linus Torvalds has had the largest impact on you, me, and everyone you know over the last 25 years. All because he decided to release Linux as Open Source. Learn more about him, why he did it, and what makes an engineer different from a visionary. It's an important concept for you to understand.

Recommended Viewing: Found on YouTube! TED Talk
Sep 2016, Playtime 18m 49s
How the blockchain is changing money and business | Don Tapscott

What Did The Web Look Like Before It Changed Our World?

There are some technologies that aren't just marketing hype. You can tell because no-one can claim they own it and the imagination of everyone can play a role in it's application.

Recommended Viewing: Found on YouTube! TED Talk
Jan 2017, Playtime 13m 28s
Are you a giver or a taker? | Adam Grant

The intangible value of a good relationship is difficult to realize.

You may not be aware of how much your support organizations are looking out for you. It's the curse of anyone in a supporting role: When they're a valuable resource you rarely have any unexpected issues, you rarely hear from them, and yet they're always there for you.

Recommended Viewing: Found on YouTube!
June 2017, Playtime 5m 26s
Big Think | Robert Sapolsky

Value Those Who Do The Harder Things...

"So when we look at the world’s ills one of the biggest sources of it is us failing to do the right thing when it’s the harder thing to do..." Food for thought and interesting science.

Recommended Viewing: Found on YouTube!
January 2018, Playtime 7m 36s
Beme | Robert Sapolsky

Estonia Built the Society of the Future from Scratch

This eastern European country may be showing us the way forward.

Recommended Viewing: Found on YouTube!
June 2018, Playtime 1m 55s
CBS News

California lawmakers pass data privacy bill

Still think GDPR will have no impact on the USA? Think again. Better get ahead of this.

Recommended Viewing: Found on YouTube!
October 2014, Playtime 11m 25s
Paul Rulkens | TEDxMaastricht

Why the majority is always wrong

Mr. Rulkens makes some very good points about the mind of the majority and how they replace thinking with automatic behaviors.